International Certification

International Accreditations and Certification

Top quality benchmarks for international business schools, programmes, corporate universities and online courses An accreditation from EFMD is one of the best and most complete ways to certify the actual quality of a business school or a corporate university. The accreditation processes lead to improvement through the necessity for organisations to meet internationally agreed quality standards. The quality is assessed by Peer Review, which is a form of international benchmarking. Recognition comes through the award of an EFMD accreditation, acknowledged worldwide by potential students, employers, clients and the media.

The International Certification and Accreditation Programme (ITP) is an intensive faculty development programme dedicated to helping business educators develop suitable skills and capabilities to be successful in their careers. It benefits from the participation of top-notch teachers and professionals coming from all around the world.

The 2017 & 2018 programmes will be run by the Aix-Marseille Graduate School of Management-IAE in two locations: Aix-en-Provence (France) and Collbató, Barcelona (Spain) and İstanbul (Turkey).

The Programme is coordinated by the International Schools of Business Management (ISBM), a group of 12 leading Business Schools located in Asia, Europe and the United States and has the full support of EFMD:

These Business Schools have been very committed to the Programme since it started more than 50 years ago. ITP has served over 1,500 high caliber faculty coming from all over the world, and many of them now are top-level business educators.

The key objectives of the ITP is the development of the teacher’s creative capabilities, so to enable him/her to manage a complex set of variables:

  • teaching tools and techniques;
  • contents and knowledge related to their specific field of teaching and research;
  • self-esteem and management of interpersonal relationships;
  • audiences and contexts of teaching.

The International Teachers Programme is designed to provide you with the most advanced teaching tools and with accurate knowledge and comprehension of the teaching skills that are typical of high performance business educators.

You can find the brochure and more info via this web link. Please send any queries or questions you might have to Carol Pearson.

Business Schools - overview

With over 600 institutions across 83 countries from academia, EFMD represents a unique international network. This global community is a source of knowledge, meetings, accreditation, debate and exchange with leading schools from all parts of the world.

EFMD’s learning and development opportunities cover a variety of different formats ranging from large-scale conferences to small peer-based meetings and working groups that cover very specific topics in depth. All of the meetings are conducted in an atmosphere of confidence and trust, enabling members to address the issues that concern them most.

Opportunities to benefit from the dynamic EFMD network of business schools, management education and development professionals include:

  • Participate in events, competitions, programmes and seminars to:
    • gain insights into the latest trends
    • learn from best practices in an open environment
    • have access to benchmarking opportunities
    • contribute to the reputation of your own organisation
    • take advantage of networking and sharing experiences
  • Provide speakers from your own organisation:
    • show the strengths of your institution towards the wider EFMD network
  • Host events:
    • allow the network to gain more in-depth awareness of the strengths and professional approach of your own organisation
    • give a strong signal of commitment to the international professional community
  • Sponsor competitions or events:
    • exploit opportunities for the promotion of your organisations’ products, services and expertise
    • choose your target audience among a variety of EFMD events