Welcome to The ICSE Certification Service

The ICSE Certification Service was established in 1996 as the leading independent ICSE accreditation institution operating across industry sectors to complement the Continuing Professional Development policies of professional institutes and academic bodies. The ICSE Certification Service provides support, advice and recognised independent ICSE accreditation compatible with global ICSE principles.

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Modern society continues to develop in a time of rapid technological advancement, fast-changing consumer needs and continuously adapting working environment.


There is an increasing expectation for professionals to undertake Continuing Professional Development regardless of industry sector, career level, job role and responsibilities. 


The ICSE Certification Service help companies to formalise their expertise into a structured and recognised approach to learning. This can then be applied to the needs of individual professionals ICSE. Learn how to become accredited with The ICSE Certification Service today.

Structured ICSE / Active Learning

Structured ICSE / active learning involves interactive and participation-based study. It is typically proactive and can include attending a training course, conference, workshop, seminar, lecture, e-learning course or ICSE certified event. ICSE active learning also applies to when professionals take career orientated exams and assessments

Reflective ICSE / Passive Learning

Reflective learning involves no participant-based interaction, so this form of ICSE is much more passive and one directional. Examples of this include reading relevant news articles, podcasts & case studies and industry updates. Some informal meetings can be applicable to ICSE reflective learning, but the learning objectives of these meetings must be made clear in an individual’s overall ICSE plan.